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About Fraym

Fraym was built to help fast-growing companies, development organizations and government agencies succeed in places where data has been traditionally hard to access. Using the latest geospatial methods, Fraym delivers precise information about people down to the one square kilometer level in Africa, Asia, and Latin America.Fraym Is A Venture-Backed Company Partnered With Kupanda Capital And TPG Growth

Current Positions

Digital Marketing Manager (FT)
Arlington, VirginiaFull-time
Talent Operations Manager (FT)
Arlington, VirginiaFull-time
Solutions Engineer/Sales Engineer
Arlington, VirginiaFull-time
Data Science Team Lead (FT)
Arlington, VirginiaFull-time
Business Development Manager (FT)
Arlington, VirginiaFull-time
Program Manager (FT)
Arlington, VirginiaFull-time

Our Values

We believe the greatest innovations arise when different disciplines, perspectives, and experiences converge. As a company, we live these values that push us toward discovery.

  • Diversity 
  • Empathy
  • Integrity 
  • Ingenuity
  • Purpose 
  • Collaboration
  • Delight 
  • Candor

Our Team

Our team is made up of innovators and entrepreneurs. We're passionate about driving breakthroughs in data science, creating novel solutions to global challenges, and leading the way toward an inclusive future by setting an example. We work creatively to help customers better understand people around the world in a way that wasn't possible five years ago. Here, work life is a combination of constructive collaboration and focused productivity.

Our Culture

Our family at Fraym speak over 32 languages and come from five different continents. 

Why join us?

Fraym is an open, collaborative culture that is helping change the world and make an impact through geospatial data.